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Thursday, March 29, 2007

If you want resources for cyberbullying, you should join the group

Kudos to Scott McLeod's space badges for cyberbullying. I'm going to add one. This one is my favorite.

Just saw a video that my friend Lisa posted over at the Cyberbullying group. I think you should show this video to students and teachers!

And, we'd like to have you and every educator you know join the Stop Cyberbullying group! There are several reasons this is a VERY good thing:

  1. It lets us mobilize on an important issue. I would like us to make this a central repository for all cyberbullying information. The usefulness is that we as educators can review the material and the best stuff will rise to the top (as we mark things as favorites or give it stars when we like it.)

  2. It lets us learn about how useful these tools are. It is a myspace-like environment but we are using it for good. WE can learn about the technology as we experience it. How can we "govern and guide" without an understanding? I encourage everyone to participate. (A tip: you can send special messages to your "friends. If you're wondering what the deal is with myspace, step in and use ning and you'll see!)

  3. It sends a message that we as educators are ready to band together and discuss and share in a meaningful way. That we can learn new things and new technology to communicate and share with one another across all boundaries for the good of the students we love and desire to teach.
Join in! There is strength in numbers.

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