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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wes Fryer's great talk on cyberbullying

Wes Fryer released a phenomenal cyberbullying presentation via podcast last month accompanied by an incredible wiki that you should review concerning cyberbullying.

I am sharing it here via Innertoob with annotations from me (markers that show you where things are in the talk that I've commented on.)

f you want to comment or add to the annotations, please do, just sign up for an Innertoob account. (If you want to know more about it, we had Carter Harkins of the Innertoob.com service on WOW2 last night! Listen to the show.)

A note about innertoob
I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that Innertoob seems to rip the entire podcast from the original location without a link back to the original, so I think that one should only do this (even if it is licensed under Creative commons) with permission even though it does make the podcast more findable. (I sent an e-mail to Wes letting him know and I'll share with you what he thinks. If he thinks it needs to come down, even as useful as the annotations are, I'll take it down and just leave the link to his original podcast.)

I am just learning about this service so I may be wrong about the technical details of it! It seems VERY useful to me at first use!

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