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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daily Spotlight on Education 04/25/2009

  • My new friend Marvin Golden is the operations manager for my internet company, CNS, a consortium of small towns in south Georgia that banded together to provide high speed to their residents (at a cost) but yet, it is here and great. Without CNS, I wouldn't be cool Cat because I wouldn't be on the Internet!! Before CNS, we were lucky to be able to do anything and the big companies didn't see fit to put us on the Internet.

    Well, Marvin found us on youtube and twitter - which is amazing because he is only 30 miles down the road and now he's blogging. I hope you'll welcome him to the blogosphere and if you administer large networks, routers, or are in IT, he's someone you'll want to connect with and encourage as he is very good at what he does and a huge fan of education and what we do to empower ALL students with technology.

    Marvin shared with me that without assistive technology to augment his sight he would not be able to be employed in such a position.

    Marvin was a joy and a delight and I hope you'll encourage him and connect with him as a personal favor to me! Thank you!

    tags: education, learning

  • This is the show with ISTE in Second life with Julie and I. Kevin Jarrett was a lot of fun and it was a joy to present in SL with them. We really talked about the overview of the FCP's (Flat Classroom projects) -and the importance of incorporating global connection into your curriculum. It was very enjoyable.

    tags: education, learning

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