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Cool Cat Teacher's AI Insight: 10 Ways I'm Using AI Today

Welcome to today's episode, where I will bridge the gap between AI in my classroom and your ears! If you've been following my blog, you know I want to bring practical, innovative teaching strategies to life. But today, I'm doing things a bit differently on the show for an extended episode with me, your host, Vicki Davis. Sponsor: Modern Classrooms Project will help you bring engaging, exciting teaching to your classroom with their free online course and community. Go to right now to sign up for the Modern Classrooms essential course for free where you will learn about the strategies, research, and resources that can drive student-centered, self-directed learning in your classroom. They can show you have to use technology to unlock deeper student relationships</strong> with your students. So many people ask me how to respond to Artificial Intelligence and my response is always, that we need to shift our pedagogical practices into the classr

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