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Mastery Learning 101 with Jon Bergmann

Mastery learning (also called competency-based learning) is being used in some classes and schools. Jon Bergmann, author of the Mastery Learning Handbook talks about how he uses mastery learning in his chemistry and physics classrooms. He discusses common mistakes when teachers implement mastery learning as well as the types of classes that work well with mastery learning. Learn about this method of curriculum development and teaching and see if it is right for you. Notes and Transcript Sponsor: Dell Thank you, Dell, for sponsoring today’s show. Access early black Friday deals from now through November 27, 2022. Limited quantities on desktops, gaming laptops, high quality monitors, thunderbolt docks, wireless mice and more. They have created a special link for readers of this blog and listeners of the 10 Minute Teacher podcast:   Did you know that Dell has a cost-free education discount program offered to educat

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