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From Challenge to Triumph: The Learning Pit Concept Explained

What is the Learning Pit metaphor? How can this illustration be used with students to help them learn? On today's episode, fifth-grade teacher James Nottingham from the UK explains how he uses this example with his students, discusses misconceptions, and how explaining to students how the learning process works helps them grow and be more successful. With insights that bridge the gap between theory and practice, James will shed light on how facing difficulties head-on can lead to profound understanding and growth in our students. He also discusses the importance of drawing the Learning Pit correctly and how to teach it to students. This practical episode from a classroom teacher will help us explain learning to our students. As you learn about the Learning Pit, prepare to move from challenge to triumph. Show notes and full transcript: Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for which I may receive compensation. Please click here to rea

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