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How to Use Notion

Today's guest, Chris Chappotin, shares how he uses Notion to organize himself. He talks about how to get started and why people use it. This is a quick seven-minute overview podcast and I've also included many resources to get started with Notion on the blog post . Sponsor - Free Educator Wellness Toolkit: Educator wellness is now more important than ever. Go to  and download your free educator wellness toolkit from Advancement Courses. You’ll get access to activities, strategies, and tools to improve the four domains of wellness. Also, you can save 20% off your next course by using the code CAT20. I love their courses because they are flexible, with up to 6 months to complete, and you can receive graduate credit through CAEP and regionally accredited university partners or continuing education units that meet your state requirements. With over 280 courses to choose from, Advancement Course offers subjects in everything from educator wellness to s

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