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TikTok for Teachers

Today, Million+ follower, TikTok teacher, and creator of #TeacherTipTuesday, Megan Mayer, shares her thoughts about TikTok, how to prevent profanity on TikTok and why it is a valuable tool for teachers. Megan talks openly about what she’s learned about her videos that have gone viral, how to pick hashtags, and secrets for making videos that will help teachers. We end the podcast by discussing the controversial things teachers sometimes see doing on TikTok that we wish they wouldn’t. I’ve joined TikTok and am learning. This interview with Megan introduced me to TikTok as I embark on a learning journey on a new platform. Sponsor: Advancement Courses Last summer I took my professional development with  Advancement Courses  and I am so glad that I did! On my blog, I recently shared  10 Ways to Rejuvenate and Learn This Summer . All of the course ideas come from the advancement courses catalog to go to    Learn about some courses you might want to ta

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