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Unlock Your Second Brain: A Guide to Choosing the Best Digital Notetaking App

As rapidly as notebook services are changing, it is so important that its worth the risk. Today, I'll share six apps for digital note-taking and my experiences with each of them. I'll also give you a peek at my first testing of Google NotebookLM. I'll also give you tips on creating a workflow that works for you. The apps I'm covering in today's "Tech Tool Tuesday" include Evernote, Notion, OneNote, LogSeek, Apple Notes, and Google Keep as well as Google NotebookLM. We all need to find a system that works for us and we need to choose tools that align with our individual preferences and workflows. This show is also being posted to YouTube. When the video goes live, it will be posted on the blog post and show notes for this podcast episode. Show notes and full transcript:   Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for which I may receive compensation. Please click here to read my full FTC Affiliate Disclosure poli

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