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Every Classroom Matters is my weekly podcast dedicated to classroom matters everywhere. My goal is to help you live life fully, do work that matters, and teach passionately in ways that reach every student.

The podcast is posted weekly. If you subscribe, you will automatically get every episode for free.

Happy to be part of the BAM Radio Community

I suggest that you use a podcast app on your Smartphone or tablet device. I use iCatcher (see my tutorial) but Downcast is another good one. iTunes has a new Podcast app that you can use, but it still isn't as good as these two, in my opinion.

These apps make finding and listening to podcasts much simpler. When you start the app, it will automatically get a copy of the new show. I use iCatcher to make play lists for driving in the car full of current shows.

If you want to ask me a question or nominate a topic (or interesting person) for the show, visit my nomination form. I will update this page frequently, but the most up to date list of shows will always be found on the BAM Radio Site for Every Classroom Matters.

I link to the show notes for each show. When I write a blog post, I'll replace the link from BAM to my extended notes for the show here on this blog.

If you click the link below and want to listen to the show in your web browser, the show is best listened to in Internet Explorer. (It is about the only thing I still do in IE myself but most podcasts work better there.)

It is exciting to think I can run home after a day of school and record these to share with the world. If you like the show, a recommendation or rating on iTunes helps others find the show. Thank you.

(Note: I've been asked to add Google plus profiles and Twitter handles to the grid below and am working on this now! Thanks for the suggestion. -Vicki)

Every Classroom Matters Podcast Archive

#TitleParticipantsRelease date
017Learning by Doing: Inside the Maker Movement +Sylvia Martinez @smartinez8/6/2013
016Leaning Forward: Moving Your Teaching Practice Beyond Your Comfort Zone +Aaron Maurer @coffeechugbooks7/22/2013
015One on One with a Teacher on the Leading Edge +Dawn Casey-Rowe @runningdmc7/15/2013
014Achieving Sustainable Classroom Innovation+A.J. Juliani @ajjuliani
Steve Mogg @stevenjmogg
Rosie Esposito @djesposito from Wissahickon High School, Pennsylvania
013Learning Commons: How the School Library is Being ReinventedDavid V. Loertscher6/15/2013
012ANew Models: Inside Early College STEM SchoolsBrenda Darden Wilkerson, William Starzyk, Arlington Vigilance from Chicago6/17/2013
011A Look inside the classroom of ISTE 2013 Teacher of the YearNicholas Provenzano @thenerdyteacher6/6/2013
010Savvy Use of Edtech in Early Ed ClassroomsKaren Lirenman, Kay Bitter K-2 ISTE 2013 Teacher of the Year6/4/2013
009Quest2Matter, Choose2Matter, & #YouMatter: 3 Reasons to Get InvolvedAngela Maiers5/23/2013
008Why Computer Science isn't Just for GeeksAlfred Thompson "Mr. Computer Science"5/20/2013
007Teaching Teachers With Technology: 5 Important Ingredients of Good Preservice Teacher EducationEva Brown5/16/2013
006How Classrooms Change When Genius Drives Learning #geniushourJoy Kirr, Hugh McDonald, Gallit Zvi, Denise Krebs5/6/2013
005Encouraging Global Connections and Digital CitizenshipTheresa Allen4/23/2013
004Gearing Up for Common Core MathDarren Burris4/23/2013
003How Teachers and Students Are Collaborating GloballyToni Olivier-Barton, Michelle McGaarvey, Maureen Tumenas, Donna Esposito, Tina Schmidt4/6/2013
002Creative Approaches to Teaching STEM at the Elementary School LevelKevin Jarrett, Dr. Jeremy A. Ervin3/12/2013
001What is a MOOC?Dr. Lee Graham and Colin Osterhout2/10/2013
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