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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My new Web 2.0 workshop goes Live

I went very quiet for a while during the last two months, and now I am at liberty to say why.

When Atomic Learning first approached me about doing a Web 2.0 workshop for them, I had to think about it. I've been doing some free videos that have been well received and I thought, "well, I need to do it and just give it away for free." And at the time, I thought about doing some of these for Julie's and my proposed K12 online workshop ... but then k12 online rejected the workshop and I realized something... without a deadline and purpose to make me take the time... I really wasn't going to take the time do to a workshop, so I said yes.

Web 2.0 Workshop
So, this weekend Atomic Learning releases the Web 2.0 workshop that I've poured my heart and soul into.

It is a workshop targeted to beginners who are teachers, administrators (and some for businesses) and it covers all Web 2.0 terminology and RSS basics.

I feel that Atomic meshes well with my own philosophy and has been created by teachers and with the academic market specifically in mind. So, if you have Atomic Learning and want to view the workshops, just log in and go to this page.

This blog and so many things I do will remain free. However, I am also one who believes that well intentioned businesses who want to meet a specific niche will always have a place in this world. And they serve the purpose to focus and make us do things sometimes.

I'm glad they called me and asked me to do the web 2.0 workshop, and my friend Julie has posted so kindly about how she is using the workshop to train her teachers about how to use RSS. (I really only mentioned it in passing to her a while back, it really meant a lot to me that she tried it out.)

So, while I rarely give "pitches" or talk about such things, I hope you'll stop by and take the course if you have Atomic Learning -- feel free to give me feedback on the things you'd like to see relating to Web 2.0 in the future.

This whole thought of being able to teach "around the world" is really amazing to me. I was in Qatar with Julie and didn't even know it!

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