Building the Perfect Mac for my Sister! HELP!

I don't know anything about buying a MAC!!!

Regardless of my claim, on Friday, I have to help my sister, who is an online professor for Savannah College of Art and Design and freelance graphic designer for some really big names help her buy a mac to replace her big powerful mac we bought 6 years a go.

Help! Quad core? RAM?

I don't know! I need help!


Thank you for commenting and yes, I do need to give you more information. She is a graphic designer and will be running the full Adobe suite including Flash, Photoshop, all the biggies.

Additionally, as a prof at SCAD, she has to always upgrade and keep the latest version of everything on her computer. She already has a Mac Laptop and this thing has to be a work horse.

We were pricing this thing the other day and ended up at $8,000 (with school discount around $6K) -- Now if she has to pay that, she just has to, however, she's starting out with her graphic design business and if she has to pay that much it really has to be a good reason.

So, consider that there is no budget but it sure would be nice not to get too high -- consider she gets a 15-20% discount off of list price and once we get over $8K we're probably getting out of reach for her.

Does that help?

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