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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daily Spotlight on Education 03/23/2010

  • Edutopia issue of the Story of Movies featured this middle school curriculum and film lesson libraries. Lots of resources and a message from Martin Scorsese.

    tags: education, filmmaking

  • Please consider dropping by and leaving a message for this student about the future of education! Let's inundate his inbox! From Krysten Hokanson.

    " Subject: My E-mail to the educators

    My name is Andrew Wisniewski and I am a senior at Upper Merion Area High School in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. For my end of the year project I have decided to explore education and how technology is changing how students learn. Ms. Hokanson has helped me by creating a drop box and by forwarding this email to all of you. You can help me by visiting, http://drop.io/FutureEd and leaving me your thoughts about the future of education. In my drop.io, you will see that you can upload a picture, a text note or even call the dropbox.
    Here are some ways you can share your thoughts

    * Go to http://drop.io/FutureEd and upload a file, record or add a note
    * E-mail a note, picture or video clip futureed@drop.io
    * Call 646-495-9205 x 95270 and leave your message via voice-mail

    Please describe your role in education and let me know how you feel technology can change education; not only presently but also in the future. If it is fine with you, please state your name and with your permission I may contact you again regarding this subject. This will be an excellent addition to my presentation and I appreciate your insights about education.
    I would be grateful for any input you can provide.

    Thank you so much for your time,
    Andrew Wisniewski"

    tags: education, learning

  • " The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the last call for essays for its 16th annual Holocaust Remembrance Project Essay Contest. The national writing contest recognizes the moral imperative of teaching young people about this watershed event. The contest is the only ongoing national essay contest on the Holocaust for high school students.

    For 2010, high school students who are interested in entering should study the Holocaust and then, in an essay of no more than 1,200 words: (a) analyze why it is vital that the remembrance, history and lessons of the Holocaust be passed on to a new generation; and (b) suggest what young people can do to combat and prevent prejudice, discrimination and violence in our world today."

    If you do this, I also encourage you to have your students blog their essays and share publicly (authentic audience) as well as potential to win the contest. What an important topic.

    tags: education, writing

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