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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We Depend on Each Other

Power Unlimited
We had an incredible assembly at school last week with some body builders from Power-Unlimited (www.power-unlimited.org) (Including one lifter who has the largest natural biceps in the world.)

It was so inspirational and high energy - I got permission to upload an excerpt to my school's youtube channel. (They do religious and non-religious assemblies and the young woman speaker has programs she does - she used to be a Disney princess! www.jenniferbeckham.org)

We Depend On Each Other
The part I love in this clip is how we're dependent upon one another and how we influence each other. Watch as the lifter spins two of our girls with an iron bar and then proceeds to bend the same bar with his bare hands.  Sometimes it takes attention getting, entertaining assemblies like this for kids to listen. (Much more exciting than me talking to them, that's for sure.)


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