Join the elementary art project that will help the world be more grateful #creativitymatters

The EveryArtist Live! Project
EveryArtist Live! November 21. Creativity matters as we focus on the worldwide art project of gratitude. Sign your students up today.
On November 21, 2013, Everyartist Live! will have an exciting project for all elementary students.
Here’s how it works.

Elementary Art Project Theme


How to prepare for this art project:

Visit the website and view videos about the event, creativity, and this year’s theme. Your students don’t need Internet access, but if they have it, they’ll have more places to create.

What will happen:

Teachers, parents, or mentors will upload the gratitude-themed art through the app (to be launched in November) or via the website.

What will happen with the artwork?

Share your artwork with the world on November 21 in the EveryArtist Live! Art Project Photo credit: iStock Photo
Share your artwork with the world on November 21 in the EveryArtist Live! Art Project Photo credit: iStock Photo
The artwork will be displayed in two places: online and at your school as you choose to do it.
Student Art On the Website: The online art work will be displayed for many to see. Student work is only shown by first name last initial (or pseudonym). Adults control the names, so those are set up by the adults uploading the work.
At your school: Display the art as you see fit. Some schools are lining hallways and others are displaying outside. There are so many ways to get creative.

How does this align with what you’re doing in November?

Gratitude fits perfectly with the celebration of the US Holiday of Thanksgiving.
Remember that this is also an important opportunity to help students get creative and be involved with their parents in the conversation about art and gratitude. What a great cross curricular project!

What does this cost?

This project is free for anyone, but you’ll need to sign up at Parents, teachers, and caregivers will be the adults uploading the artwork to protect the privacy of the kids.

Why are they doing this?

Here's the interesting part of the story. If you want to learn more, you can look at the website, but for me, when I decided to come on board and tell their story was when I read their profile on kickstarter. The profile talks about the founding artist Brendan O'Connell and his story. I'll quote:
That’s why we call ourselves  We are the story of Brendan O’Connell, Artist – and of Brendan’s vision to democratize that creative experience to kids everywhere.
Brendan is a professional artist.
He believes he was born to make art.
He earns his living as an artist.
Brendan was lucky enough to grow up with a strong support system that helped him develop his creativity into becoming a painter.  That support sustained him as he honed his craft as an artist on the streets of Paris.  Tough times, but Brendan knew art was what he was destined to do.
He became an artist despite being told as a child that art was not something he was good at.
That was misguided advice, and Brendan vowed that someday he would figure out a way to keep that kind of thing from happening to other kids.
Now is that time. 
Along with some like-minded partners, Brendan created is a child focused movement to support the expression of creativity innate in every child.’s purpose is simple . . . Spark Human Creativity"
The more I dig into this story and what they are doing, the more I just love this project and the purpose of I hope you'll join in on November 21 and be part of the emphasis to support the creativity of every child.

EveryArtist Live! is an exciting project and with an exciting future and you can join now. Yes, I'm paid for this post, but honestly, it is a post I would have written anyway. As with everything here, I jealously guard your classroom and mine to help you find those new things that are worthwhile additions to your classroom.
I hope you'll take to email this website to people in your school so they can join in too!

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