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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

300 Ways to Help Students Love Writing

Ideas from the "The Reading Strategies Book"

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Do you want to help students love writing? In this segment, we talk about a new book including 300 strategies to get students excited about writing. So, if you’re struggling to teach writing and get students engaged, listen to Jennifer Seravallo’s ideas. From peer review across the entire process to engaging students in writing, Jennifer is full of high-impact ideas to improve classroom writing.

help students love writing
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Today’s Sponsor, Write the World

Write the World is a fantastic free tool to encourage writing in your classroom. Not only can teachers run writing contests but they can also assign classroom writing prompts. Also, students can join the monthly contests and global writing prompts with other students around the world. Furthermore, Write the World has a schedule of their writing prompts for the year. So, when you’re planning, include these cool contests.

Targeted to students aged 13-18, Write the World is a powerful, fun community for writing. Even more importantly, the site is easy it is to use.

Make writing exciting this year in your classroom. There’s no cost for teachers to join with their classrooms.

Given all these benefits, I recommend this site for writing teachers of students aged 13-18. So, join Write the World and get kids excited to write!

Look at Write the World

Help Students Love Writing: Show Notes

  • Can we help students learn to write and love it?
  • How can students set writing goals in motivating ways?
  • What are secrets to encourage peer review among writers?
  • Can we have writing partners throughout the writing process? (And not just during the editing phase.)
  • What are ways that students can write together?
  • What is a writing club? How is it structured?
  • If students are groaning when you ask them to write, how can you turn it around?

Who is Jennifer Serravallo?

Jennifer Serravallo is a literacy consultant, speaker, and the author 11 books and resources including The Reading Strategies Book and the two-time award-winning Independent Reading Assessment Series.

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