How to Make Flipped Classroom Better

A Candid Conversation with Jon Bergmann

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Make videos for students. They can watch them in class or for homework. Then, spend your time in class helping students. Reduce or almost eliminate lecture. Students can stop and start the videos as they wish. They go at their own pace. You help those who need it. Flipping your classroom (or in-flipping it as I do) can make a lot of sense if your conditions are right. Flipped classroom co-founder Jon Bergmann talks candidly about the flipped classroom model.

How to make flipped classroom better

Prepare for criticisms. Understand challenges. Learn from the mistakes others have made. I love using videos to teach the point and click software lessons in my classroom. Whether you’re advanced or a beginner, this conversation brings you to the leading edge of instructional design.

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Show Notes:

  • What are some common criticisms that students have about the flipped method of teaching?
  • What types of videos work best – those with the teacher’s voice or without?
  • Why don’t we need to get too upset about “hearing our own voice” on film?
  • How is the flipped classroom movement moving forward?
  • What are some common mistakes being made by those trying flipped learning?
  • How can teachers avoid those mistakes?

Who is Jon Bergmann?

Jon Bergmann co-wrote the book, Flipped Classroom, and is a co-founder of the Flipped Learning Network. Jon is a teacher, educational coach, and writer who has had the privilege of helping educators “turn learning on its head.” He is considered one of the pioneers in the flipped class movement.

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