Top 10 Episodes So Far in Season 2 of the 10-Minute Teacher

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Thank you for listening to the 10-Minute Teacher. We’ve broken the quarter of a million download mark and growing. So many amazing educators have joined the show to inspire and encourage teachers. Here are the top 10 shows for season 2 so far.

#10MT Season 2 Top 10 (So far)

  1. 5 Mistakes Teachers make the First Week of School (and how not to make them) with Linda Kardamis (#115)
  2. Thinking Routines in the Classroom with Karen Voglesang #134
  3. 5 Ways to Help At-Risk Children Succeed with Basil Marin #130
  4. Flexible Seating: Getting Rid of Cemetery Style Seating in the Classroom with Bill Selak #118
  5. Transform Learning this School Year with Eric Sheninger #111
  6. 5 Reasons Teachers Using Tech are Superheroes with Kecia Ray #135
  7. Hack Homework: 5 Ideas for Better Homework with Connie Hamilton #120
  8. LEAD like a Pirate: Make Schools Amazing for Everyone (Even Teachers) with Shelley Burgess #136
  9. 23 GSuite IDeas to Excite Your Students about Learning with Eric Curts #112
  10. Edtech and Social Emotional Learning with Dr. Michelle Zimmerman #137

To be fair, it takes about six weeks to see where a show will end up in the download rankings.

Thank you so much.Thank you for listening, sharing, and for the guests who are appearing on the show to help other teachers. This 5-day a week podcast for teachers is truly a work of heart. Please contact us  if you have suggestions for guests.

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