No Zombies: Stop Going Through the Motions and Live Life

Day 51 of 80 Days of Excellence

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Although when Theodore Roosevelt made his famous speech talking about “cold and timid souls” at the Sorbonne, I don’t think zombies were much discussed in pop culture.

We have too many zombies nowadays-

  • In schools, some are students but others are undead teachers. Teachers who aren’t retired but their practice isn’t alive either. They’re not working on making things better and improving.
  • Undead students who play video games all night and sleep in class all day.
  • Undead parents who would rather look at Facebook than pay attention to their child who needs help with their homework.
  • In businesses, some are employees who see a mess and wait for someone else to clean it up.
  • But sometimes they are zombie managers who complain about the work ethic of their employees while golfing every afternoon at two.

The undead are everywhere.

“I’m ready to retire” Or “I’m too old to change.” Are the battle cry of the complacent.

I promise one thing. If you’re waiting for a school or business or organization to change until you retire, people will applaud when you do.

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you’re never going anywhere until you change it.

Then there are also zombies who insist they already know and do everything and have nothing to learn.

Be alive! Innovate. Create.

Make a difference.

Learn something new.

Have conversations.

Laugh at something.

Turn off the TV. Turn off the cell phone. Play a board game.

Turn off the electronic devices in the car and talk about history or the history of music. Have a conversation. Relate to the people you’re related to.

I wonder how many people will reach the end of their lives and wonder if they really were alive?

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