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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Rocking TpT This Summer

Want to start working with Teachers Pay Teachers this summer? Pam Olivieri from Rockin' Resources tells us how to get started.


Pam Olivieri - Bio As Submitted

Pam Olivieri is dedicated to creating a standards-based curriculum that follows her vision to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, DIFFERENTIATE. With her 26 years of classroom experience, a Master's Degree, and a National Board Certification, she is trusted by thousands of teachers for advice on language arts instruction. Pam also offers her services as a writing coach and professional development. Why Rockin Resources for a business name? She loves 80's rock music! Connect with her via https://rockinresources.com/ or social media! You won't be disappointed!

Blog: https://rockinresources.com/

Twitter: @rockinresources

A message from Pam... I developed a writing curriculum 6 years ago for Grades 1-8. It is trademarked as Step-by-Step Writing Program. I am now launching a professional development training on how to teach writing for Grades 3-5. It is called Reluctant Writers to Rockstar Writers. It takes teachers through the writing process, sentence structure, paragraph writing, narrative writing, opinion writing, informative writing, revising, editing, and progress monitoring. I offer a free webinar for teachers on writing strategies and my secret to writing success. Here is a link that will take your audience to the webinar, special offers for the writing course, and for a freebie:    https://rockinresources.com/coolcat

Check out this episode!

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