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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

5 Authentic Ways to Encourage People Right Now [Best of Season 5]

Genuine appreciation that is timely and meaningful can go a long way in the classroom, between colleagues, and administrators and their teachers. So why don’t we show more appreciation? It doesn’t have to be hard as Dr. Brad Johnson explains in this simple but inspiring show about taking the time to build relationships. We can do this. Even more importantly, we must.

This week, we are counting down the top shows of season 5 and this show with Dr. Brad Johnson comes in at number three!


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Dr. Brad Johnson

Leadership Consultant and Author

Dr. Johnson is a speaker in the fields of education and leadership.

He is author
of six books including, From School Administrator to School Leader, & Learning on Your Feet: Incorporating Physical Activity into the K-8 Classroom (Routledge).

He teaches graduate-level leadership courses and other educational courses.

Check out this episode!

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