Coronavirus, Kobe Bryant and News Literacy with Darren Hudgins

As the Coronavirus spreads, so does the news about it. Some stories are accurate. Some stories are not. And some stories are full of half-truths. All designed to get people to read and for the clicks to come. Today's guest, Darren Hudgins is co-author of Fact VS Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking In The Age of Fake News (ISTE 2018). He helps us understand triggers, news literacy, and how we can help our students effectively analyze news in a world where health issues and news tend to go viral. We have to help our students live in this world. Have the conversations now. 

Darren Hudgins

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Darren Hudgins is the CEO of Think | Do | Thrive and the co-author of Fact VS Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking In The Age of Fake News (ISTE 2018). In both capacities, he works with educators, school leaders, districts, and school organizations to help them build experiences that promote thought, play, and innovative strategies. He believes these strategies strengthen human capacity efforts, drive action, and inspire the souls of social servants so that all students can thrive. Learn more about his 20 plus years in education at

Twitter: @dhudgins

Instagram: @dhudgins

Free Resource on this topic: Darren's Free News Literacy Resource (Presentation)


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