Smiling Behind the Mask: Face to Face School and SEL with Erica Boomsma

Erica Boomsma is in South Dakota where they have been teaching in face to face school for the last four weeks. She talks about the fears she had in going back, the protocols they are using and the positive experiences they are having amidst the masks and shields. Face to face school may be a better alternative than many imagine - even those who struggle with worry. Listen to Erica's experience and figure out how you can prepare yourself and your students for the day you walk back into your classroom. 

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Erica Boomsma - Bio as Submitted

Erica Boomsma is a dedicated 4th Grade Teacher with 18 years of experience teaching a culturally diverse student population in Huron, South Dakota. Striving to meet the needs of her students, she absolutely loves her job because for her it is her dream come true - she is a teacher!

Twitter: @ericaboomsma 

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