How Do You Help Kids with ADHD Succeed in School and Life?

Nicole Biscotti had children, and she was a teacher. She thought she understood everything about children. That was until her fourth son, Jason, was born. As Jason grew, Nicole knew he was different. Nicole shares how eventually she discovered Jason had ADHD and how she changed her high school classroom to reach all of the children. Kids with ADHD are different and need accommodations, but it can be challenging for already stressed teachers to figure out how to reach every child. Nicole shares her solution and some surprising things she learned as she has helped Jason grow and succeed in the classroom and at home. This show is a must-listen episode for parents of kids with ADHD and the teachers working to reach these precious children.

Show Transcript:

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Nicole Biscotti - Bio As Submitted

Nicole is proud to be an educator and believes that everyone should have access to a quality education that connects them with their purpose.  She seeks to bridge understanding, spark conversations, and inspire through her speaking, consulting, and writing.


She wrote I Can Learn When I'm Moving: Going to School with ADHD with her 9 year old son about ADHD from the unique perspectives of a child and a mother who is also a teacher. She has seen both personally and professionally how children struggle to be understood and how adults are often at a loss with how to handle the difficult behaviors associated with ADHD and believes that by sharing her and her son’s story, along with researched-based strategies, she can bridge understanding for kids who desperately need our support.


Twitter @BiscottiNicole

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