Encouragement in Education: Why It's More Crucial Now Than Ever

In this uplifting episode, we're joined by Todd Nesloney, a seasoned educator and advocate for authentic leadership in schools. If you've ever questioned your worth or impact as an educator, this conversation is a must-listen. Todd delves into the transformative power of vulnerability, the importance of emotional intelligence, and why every single person in a school setting is a leader in their own right—offering actionable insights that could reignite your passion for teaching.

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Introduction and Guest Background [00:00:00:02 - 00:00:37:23]

  • Introduction of the podcast and today's guest, Todd Nesloney, who is the Director of Culture and Strategic Leadership for the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association. Todd has won many awards and authored several books.

The Concept of Leadership [00:00:38:00 - 00:02:43:09]

  • Todd Nesloney discusses his belief that everyone is a leader in some capacity, whether at work, home, or among friends. Leadership is not confined to a job title but is expressed through actions, choices, and words.

The Importance of Vulnerability [00:02:43:09 - 00:04:52:11]

  • Todd emphasizes the power of vulnerability as a leadership quality. He talks about how sharing personal struggles can inspire others and make them feel that their own struggles are important.

The Evolution of Beliefs [00:04:52:14 - 00:05:33:05]

  • Todd shares how his beliefs have evolved over time, particularly with a chapter in his book "Kids Deserve It" that he now disagrees with. He stresses the importance of bringing your whole self to your job.

The Role of Emotions and Therapy [00:05:33:05 - 00:07:48:15]

  • Todd talks about the impact of personal life on professional life and the importance of not minimizing your feelings. He also discusses the benefits of therapy in understanding oneself better.

The Value of Authenticity [00:07:48:20 - 00:08:50:12]

  • Todd and Vicki discuss the importance of being authentic and true to oneself, both as an individual and as an educator. Todd emphasizes that everyone brings something unique to the table.

Closing Remarks [00:08:50:16 - 00:11:47:12]

  • Todd gives a heartfelt message encouraging listeners to recognize their worth and the positive impact they can have on the world. The episode closes with information about a free AI course for educators from Microsoft and final remarks from the host.

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