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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Surveyshare: The robust survey tool that runs the "back end" of Flat Classroom, NetGen, Horizon

The judging rubrics for Flat Classroom, NetGen, and Horizon have been designed, as best as possible, to measure and push students towards higher order thinking.  As a result, the survey we use is pretty complex.

Additionally, we survey students before and after the project and collect these to be exported into a database as well.

As you could imagine, it takes a REAL survey engine to handle the rubrics and one that is up 24/7 to have the students around the world enter data.

Two years a go at GAETC, I got a "Bonk on the Side of the Head" -- Curtis Bonk   , that is.  He and I and several others had dinner after a busy day of me shadowing and listening to his amazing work and he heard what we were doing with Flat Classroom as well as some of our growing pains.  I shared with him the struggles we had from judging and tallying results.

He smiled and said, I have  a solution for you - here is my card, we'll see what you can do to use the engine I've designed and use, SurveyShare.  I think I emailed him that night!

Since then, Surveyshare has sort of become one of those tools like Elluminate that is trustworthy, helpful, and easy to use. If there are errors, it is because I set it up improperly.  It is just a great tool for any kind of research that is done over the web and also has some powerful features to verify identities and such that the uber-researcher will need as well.

I was looking in Surveyshare the other day and realized that I had been remiss.  I have not publicly thanked Dr. Bonk for putting me onto Surveyshare and now I want to tell him thank you!

Surveyshare is a great research tool for those who need to capture and collect data in custom surveys.  I highly recommend surveyshare for anyone who collaborates and collects data globally!  It is a great tool!

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