The Must View Slideshow on Engaging Presentations and Lectures

I agree with Garr Reynolds, Brain Rules is a great book. I wish more presenters and teachers would read the book AND view this presentation.  Garr is such a great presenter and his book Presentation Zen is an important book for all presenters to read.  I love how he relates presentation skills to the Brain research from John Medina.  Share this presentation!

When I see really good presentations like this "Out of the box" presentation, I think to myself "I want to do that."

Then, I open up those slides and start editing.  Perhaps one of the most important things about working on presentations was quoted in Garr Reynold's presentation at the top -- that to put together a really good presentation that you must get OFF THE GRID. Disconnect. Think.  Challenge yourself.

Often the best content for presentations is written in my journal in the mornings when I allow myself no technology and a couple of good smelling candles, my Bible, Bible Study book, and journal. (perhaps the most important connection of my day.)

Sometimes I write them on airplanes after my battery has died - and those are often very good.  I always WRITE first and THEN go into powerpoint.  I would not say I've arrived, but that I've come further than I was and am moving ahead to become better than I am now.

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