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Friday, August 10, 2012

89 lesson plans and ideas for teaching math - #mathchat

Dansk: Dedikeret til matematik
Dansk: Dedikeret til matematik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yesterday, I dedicated my post on English resources to my high school English teacher (who teaches next door to me.)

Today, I dedicate this post to my high school Algebra teacher, Noel Martin, who still teaches my own children just down the middle school hallway, the last room on the right. Coach Martin is a fantastic Algebra teacher. I thanked God every day of calculus at Georgia Tech that I'd had Coach Martin to drill into me the fundamentals of Algebra. I still use Algebra all the time to solve problems. It is because I knew it cold with him.

Here's to all you math teachers out there. I hope you get some ideas you can use in your classroom today.
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