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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Arthus started Freelancing when he was Twelve!!

Tonight I broadcast on my live TV channel (did I just say TV channel -- what?) from my hotel room in Maine and talked about Wikinomics and my initial thoughts for education. It was a little choppy on the hotel wifi, but the best show was on Kristin's channel -- is the one you MUST WATCH!

The best TV show tonight

As we hopped from teacher channel to tv channel -- the best show one happened when Kristin Hokanson and I interviewed Arthus, on Kristin's channel. Arthus is a 14 year old who has been freelancing since he was 12 over on kristin's channel -- she figured out how to stream with skype on ustream -- it was really great.

It is an important must listen!

I think this one is the best one to listen to-- I was amazed at Arthus!! This is our new student.

Kristin really knows a lot about ustream.

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