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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I wish I could grab the sun cresting over the hazy mountains,
and pick it like an orange
and squeeze into your mind the juicy words
that could let you feel what is like to be part of this day.

To experience what it means to be alive
to thrive
as the day inhales the mist
and exhales sunshine into my soul.

For sometimes to truly feel alive,
I must be a human being
and not just a human doing
tethered to the invisible and visible cords and ties
that catch me in the Web from which I cannot untie.

It is when I break the tendrils of containment,
the Net that binds,
that I again become real
and life becomes whole again.

Squeezing down my scalp the juice of life
embodied in river water.
Trickling down my spine, the tart and tangy water of life
as I hike deep in the woods to find
hidden waterfalls covered with lichens and teardrops of joy.

These things, these waters, ferns, wood spiders and zest,
they are always here
hidden away and forgotten through their disconnectedness with the Net of Life
and yet, more firmly entwined in the web of living than the most connected tweeter on the planet.
Their tweets are from the birds and they don't have blogs
only logs where you can think
and webs that entangle straying insects.

This is living
and should one become so entangled in their online life
that they cannot leave it behind for a moment,
to become part of the real web of life, the mist of the morning,
then I would say that they are missing out on the most important tweet of all:

the electric realization directly tweeted into the cerebral cortex of your mind
when you awaken and realize that
you are truly alive and that life means something
whether or not you have followers, friends, readers, or commenters
that it is OK and you are you and life is good
and that the King of the Universe has a plan in which you can play a small part.

Should I be able to grab the sun cresting over these hazy mountains
and pick it like an orange
and squeeze into your mind the juicy words
that could let you feel what it like to be part of this day
this is what I would say.

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