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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Would you take a moment to help my friend Marie?

You may think this is silly, but I just got a call from a parent of one of my dear students. She is trying to win an online contest and is frustrated because all of the other contestants have friends who are bloggers and tweeters.  She remembered that she had a friend (me) that is a blogger/ Tweeter and that she shouldn't be frustrated that I'd ask my friends to vote.

So, if you could do me a favor and go to this blog and help my friend Marie win the contest by voting for #9, I would really appreciate it!  Would you consider passing it along?

Sometimes, when something like this happens and people can see that it is good to build a network online, it creates tremendous inroads with those who may not live and breathe technology.

I'd count it as a personal favor.  Thank you, my friends.

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