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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Daily Spotlight on Education 05/08/2010

  • So many great health and science lesson plans running around. This is from the American Heart Association and is three lessons to help kids. This from the site:

    "Sudden Cardiac Arrest can strike anyone, anywhere – and a victim's chance of survival depends on the people around them. Be the Beat offers free games, music, videos and giveaways to educate teens about recognizing a cardiac arrest, calling 911, CPR and using an AED, while they have fun!

    Schools play a vital role in this movement to train teen lifesavers. As a complement to your CPR and AED program, or other curriculum, check out our free resources and register now so we can keep you updated on the latest news. Then, encourage your students to play and learn on Be the Beat. Together we can create the next generation of lifesavers!"

    With summer approaching in the USA and the inevitable tragic drownings that always happen - your teaching could save someone's life!

    tags: education, learning, health, lesson, plans, all_teachers

  • Some cool videos. (I wish they were embedded) but still, links to a lot of the best videos are here.

    tags: education, learning, youtube

  • This is hilarious. Submit your video to this contest to win a projector.

    " * Picture of your school's most "busted" technology
    * Why you deserve to win the projector in 25 words or less
    * Name, school & contact info

    to me at acondron@teachhub.com

    Deadline: Monday, May 17 at 12 p.m. CST

    Finalists will be chosen based on how pathetic, compelling and entertaining their Ed Tech entry is.

    TeachHUB visitors will vote to crown the "Our Ed Tech is Busted" champion. The winner will be announced Tuesday, June 1. "

    This is hilarious and I love it! So, stop having a pity party - get out there and use pity to help you win something!

    tags: education, contest

  • Great article on Class Chats. I just love what Cherrie MacInnes is doing and have blogged it before. Join up on this very viral - grassroots sort of networking for teachers.

    tags: education, learning, globalcollaboration, flatclassroom

  • Foreign language learning social network. There is also tutoring available on this site. From the creators in my inbox today:

    "We've revamped our site to make social networking easier, where you basically get feeds of what your friends on the site are doing. Plus, we've added a new feature, the Notebook, where members can submit their writing and get it corrected by other members of italki. It's a great way to practice and perfect writing skills. We think this is a very valuable tool for mastering another language, in addition to the oral practice you can get on our site with language exchange partners, and the chance to hire a personal 1-to-1 language instructor in our Marketplace."

    tags: education, learning, tools, language_teacher

  • This is sort of an "RSS reader" / newspaper-ish kind of format. It may be a non-intimidating way for some to start reading and customizing the web. I'm still learning about how it works, but some may really like this format.

    tags: education, learning

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