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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Two Top Areas for Keeping Students Top Notch

Here are the first two paragraphs of the guest post I did for the Microsoft Teacher Tec blog. I'll come back and add the rest later, but I'd appreciate a click through to the guest post as we are in a competition. The blog post getting the most votes goes on the official Microsoft blog - and sure, I'd like to be the one chosen. If you don't want to read the rest or give me your "vote" - wait here a few weeks and I'll post the rest of the article.

In the NetGenEd™ project with Don Tapscott—students from my school and over 300 students from five countries are studying the future of technology. They are breaking down trends like Mobile Computing, Open Content, Electronic Books, Simple Augmented Reality, Gesture-based Computing, and Visual Data Analysis.  But who cares?
Aren't educators just sick and tired of change? Aren't we going to reach a point of stasis where we can kind of "hang out" a while?
Consistent Change Requires Consistent Learning
The only thing consistent in our technological landscape is change.  If you dig deeper into all of the trends listed above, you'll see that computing is integrating into our lives.  We will be able to put input into a computer with the gestures we make, flicks of the finger, eye movements, voice and even "skinput." Technologies will move into the walls that surround us in ways we're just beginning to comprehend.
...See Rest of the Article on Teacher Tech.
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