Notes from One Note workshop at #msftpil

These are my rough notes on the Microsoft one note session today.

One note is usable on any Platform. iPhone app here, higher Rez ipad app coming. Android

One note Mac is only available from skydive.

Top tips on one note.

In 2010 One Note became part of the office suite.
FYI. Office 2007 one note won't sync to Skydrive
Robyn Hrivnatz and Sarah ? the facilitators

Pages on the right. Subpages, subsections.
Any file from anywhere can be inserted.
Can type anywhere you want, margins don't exist on the page. Click and type.
There is a math add in for one note just like for word. When you install the one for Word it installs for office and is used in One Note also.

On the fly tables. Just type and press tab! (This is cool!)
Screen clipping is under insert but teachers should really use the snippet feature.
Use Windows button + S it asks you where to put the notes. In 2007 it goes to unfiled notes. (windows + S is a cool feature.)

Snippet reference is pasted automatically. This cites sources very well as an active hotlink. One note documents where info came from. The difference between snippet and clipping.

You can tag things as important, to dos questions. Tags are searchable and reviewable.

You can show authors and see who put what in a document so you can work collaboratively.
Every student needs to have a windows live id.
Can access previous versions of the notebook and restore things that are deleted.

Some educators pushing back about sharing notebooks because "kids will copy." ( you can tell if they are but they are already, give authentic projects requiring learning.)

Search feature on right is powerful.
To some extent it searches text inside images.

Community clips is a free download from Office Labs which let's you create screen captures into your one note notebook.
You can password protect pages.

The ability to store files in one note is the differentiating factor. Grab file drag and pull in. It asks if you want a link to a file, no, you copy the file and it puts it in the notebook.A copy of that file is in notebook. Sync and carry. Put files on the page where assignment given so you have it.

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