3 Ways Classroom Design Impacts Student Learning

Research on classroom design with Peter Barrett

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Peter Barrett gives us an overview of his classroom design research in today’s show. Peter and his co-authors found a 16% impact of classroom design on the learning of 3766 primary school students in the UK. Peter breaks down the study into individual factors like light, air quality, and nature. But, perhaps the most astounding impact is the power of personalization and helping students “own” the classroom on learning. This personalization aspect impacts all teachers!

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Show Notes:

  • The studies he conducted looked at primary children in the United Kingdom.
  • To understand the impact of classroom designs they tried to incorporate as many aspects of the classroom as possible. Everything from lighting to air to what’s on the walls, it was all included in the study.
  • They found a 16% impact of school design on student learning in this study.

Questions We Discussed

  • What are the important factors of classroom design realting to the learning of younger children?
  • What is the impact of students feeling like they own their own classroom learning?
  • What is the impact of natural light on the classroom? And isn’t enough just to do big windows can big windows actually decrease learning in the classroom?
  • What is the impact of air quality?
  • What kind of light is best for children?
  • Is there such a thing as overstimulation? What colors are best?
  • How can student personalization of the learning space amp up learning?
  • What are common misconceptions by teachers of younger children on classroom design?

 Who is Peter Barrett?

Peter Barrett MSc PhD DSc is Emeritus Professor at Salford University in the UK and and an Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Department of Education. After initially training as a surveyor he has since carried out academic research in many areas, most recently around the impact of buildings on people, and more specifically of school design on pupils’ learning rates.

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