One Simple Way to Screencast with Office Mix

A 2-Minute Technology Tip on Screencasting

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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A screencast is when you record the screen. While there are many great options out there, Office Mix is so simple, I’m using it for most screencasting.



In this example, students have written a few lines of code in Scratch. Then, they open Office Mix. They use the screen recording tool to capture their program in action. Finally, they make the video and upload it to PowerSchool Learning.

This tutorial video shows everything except the uploading process.

How Did I Record This Quick Video?

Now, on a more technical note, recording a screencast of a screencast is a tad tricky. In order to show how to use Office Mix, I had to use my second favorite screencasting too, screencastomatic, to record the tutorial. This is because I have to use a different program than is being demonstrated.

Basically, I’m recording how to make a recording. So, if you need to make videos of Office Mix in action, you have to pick another program to do the screencast.

Popular Screencasting Tools and Tips for a variety of devices

  • How to Screencast in 3 Simple Steps (a tutorial I made on screencastomatic)
  • Screen-cast-o-matic – This tool runs in a web browser.
  • Explain Everything – This tool is perfect for iPads. Math teachers make quick “explainer” videos about how to work math problems. This tool is perfect when you want to hand write in your video. (iPad)
  • Screenflow – Tony Vincent shared this tool with me. I use it to capture my iPhone and iPad and more. (Mac)
  • Office Mix for Powerpoint  – Office Mix is a plugin that you add to PowerPoint 2013. This tool is the easiest video creation tool. I’m convinced any teacher can learn to make a quick video in minutes. (PC only)

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