5 Ways to Teach How the Brain Learns

A conversation with Ramona Persaud on episode 80 of the 10-Minute Teacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Today Ramona Persaud @ramonap director of the film, Grey Matters, talks about how we can teach kids the way the brain learns.

title teach how the brain learns

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In today’s show, Ramona Persaud gives five tips directly related to how the brain learns:

  • Understanding stress and the brain
  • Relating knowledge to prior knowledge
  • How the brain changes
  • Thoughts on teaching for mastery
  • The proper place of memorization

I hope you enjoy this episode with Ramona Persaud!

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Full Bio As Submitted

Ramona PersaudRamona persaud Grey Matters documentary

Ramona Persaud is an independent documentary filmmaker and founder of Change the Lens Productions. Change the Lens Productions specializes in social issue documentaries that are both entertaining and thought-provoking, nudging viewers to examine their life, their perspective, and their overall world view in the context of the stories they’ve just viewed.

GREY MATTERS is Persaud’s second film; the first, IT’S A DIFFERENT WORLD, explores the world of autism through the eyes of three autistic children.

The documentary Grey Matters is based on the book “The Brain Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools” by Dr. Mariale Hardiman. The documentary offers practical, “use right now” information for teachers, that are based on research.

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