5 Ways to Get the Most Out of #iste17

A conversation with Terry Freedman in episode 104 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Today Terry Freedman @terryfreedman author of Education Conferences: Teachers’ Guide to Getting the Most out of Education Conferences talks about how to get the most out of ISTE 2017 or any conference you attend.

get the most out of ISTE 2017

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This episode is sponsored by Powerschool. I am so excited to be at ISTE with PowerSchool!

I will be leading a panel discussion on 5 Key Trends Transforming Teaching Today  at ISTE 2017 on Monday June 26, 2017 at 4pm in room 225 A and B.

Come by PowerSchool’s Classroom of the Future in 207A where they will be giving away Apple Watches, Microsoft Surfaces and Amazon Echos.

Come by the PowerSchool booth 2918 — I’ll be there some on Monday. For those of you are not at ISTE check out the Unified Classroom at http://ift.tt/2su6OLW.

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In today’s show, Terry Freedman shares how to get the most out of any conference and especially #iste17 :

  • Deciding your goals for a conference
  • Accomplishing important things at a conference
  • The “killer question” to ask people you meet
  • Finding what you missed (even when you go)
  • Some challenges unique to #iste17

I hope you enjoy this episode with Terry Freedman!


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Full Bio As Submitted

Terry Freedman

Terry has over 40 years’ experience in education. Roles include teaching (especially hard classes), management in schools, and government agencies. Since 2004 he has been an independent ed tech consultant, writer, trainer, and speaker.

He aims in his books and articles to answer two main types of question:

So what?


So what do I do with class X on Friday afternoon?

He has embarked on writing and self-publishing a series of teachers’ guides, the first of which is the Education Conferences book mentioned elsewhere. These will be very practical and pragmatic. To be informed of new or impending publications, sign up for Terry’s newsletter.

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