3 Things Educators Should Debate As We Return to In Person Learning

As we return to in-person learning, we should not return to business as usual. David Bott gives us three things that, based upon current research, we should rethink in schools. 

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David Bott - Bio As Submitted

David Bott is the Associate Director of the Institute of Positive Education.

David is a sought-after speaker and education consultant who works with government organizations and some of the world’s leading schools to help guide wellbeing vision and strategy. As an expert in applied wellbeing science, David has supported thousands of educators from hundreds of schools around the world in designing and implementing system-level approaches to wellbeing.

David sits on the Dubai Future Council for Education, is a Director on the PESA (Positive Education Schools Association) board, and has published in academic journals and industry periodicals. David’s bestselling book, 10 Things Schools Get Wrong: And How We Can Get Them Right was published in 2020.

David oversees the Institute’s research strategy and its curriculum design and development.

David’s current role is informed by his 15 years of practical teaching experience in Australia and the UK where he held senior pastoral and academic leadership positions.

Website: 10thingsbook.com

Twitter: @davidbott

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