How Teachers Can Be Intentional About Self Care

We teachers need to take care of ourselves. Sarah Parker Wolf, author of Daily Intentions for the Classroom Teacher, talks about some intentional things every teacher can do to improve their thought process and how they take care of themselves. Can you try just one thing from this show? 

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Show Notes:

Sarah Parker Wolf - Bio As Submitted

Sarah Parker Wolf is a writer, wife, and mother of three who loves to dabble in all things creative. She taught high school Spanish for fourteen years before returning to a career as a copywriter. She also wrote/hosted The Focused Intention Podcast. Sarah's first non-fiction book, Daily Intentions for the Classroom Teacher,: Fifty-two weeks of reflections and intentions to get you focused on the things that matter, (available through is based on her classroom experiences and in her belief that mindfulness is life-changing. Originally from Wisconsin, she lives just outside of Chicago with her family.


Twitter: @spwolfauthor

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