FourSquare Beginner's Guide at #iste10 with @web20classroom

Trying to share as much as I can with "Mile High Learning"

Here in the Social Butterfly cafe - some friends from Twitter congregated to teach beginners.  It is this hallway learning that are best.

Here, you can see beginners how to set up foursquare on their iphones, itouch, and Ipad and also overhear some discussions about the potential for location based apps and education.

I'll be posting another one on  Goalla . There is some discussion here of finding a location based company that would help us with setting up an educational space for this. This is something I'd really like to use on the Flint River project. for example, there is a place in the river where a sunken riverboat is and that can be seen when the water is clear - I CAN NEVER FIND IT! I want the kids to mark it with a comment.

There are huge privacy issues with location based programs which is why we need educational spaces to teach kids how to be safe. Remember, we can lead them or we can follow them and if they go into spaces without the education they will make mistakes. And perhaps more mistakes can be made in location based apps than with anything. Note that many of them are already uploading to Flickr with GPS tags without parent knowledge! Location based is everywhere and there are great educational uses.

Don't discount Foursquare and Gowalla because they are games within the games of today lie the useful technologies of tomorrow. Just learn how to do it so you can understand it and then leave it behind if you hate it. But understand it before you make up your mind.

Two best uses for these tools professionally:
1) Linking up at face to face professional development experiences. Check in and contact people and make connections more easily than sharing business cards.
2) Enriching field trips and community service - students can make tours of all types of things

It is also a lot easier than the gps type geolocation devices I've used. If you're at ISTE, find someone to help you get on foursquare!
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