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Practical Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination comes to us all. And sometimes, we just don't have enough time. Today we unpack how we deal with procrastination, which is often tackling it head on. But also learning to say no is part of the equation. This show is for anyone who has looming tasks and is struggling to focus to get them done. Show notes and full transcript:   Sponsor: EVERFI Everyone remembers THAT teacher. The study hall teacher who walked you through your first college application. The social studies teacher who taught you what taxes were AND how to file them. The math teacher who used student loans to show you how interest worked. YOU can be that teacher---and EVERFI wants to help you make that kind of impact with FREE digital lessons for K thru 12 students. From budgets and banking to credit and savings, you’ll find a financial literacy topic that’s right for your classroom. And especially during April, Financial Literacy Month, there’s no better time to equ

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