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Practical AI for the Classroom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in schools around the country. As I kick off Season 12 of the 10 Minute Teacher (after a much-needed break), I'm sharing 21 uses of AI tools, 4 conversation starters (including eight concerns of negative uses of AI), and a lesson plan I used to teach AI. My focus is on both ChatGPT as well as Notion AI and the practical ways I'm using them in my everyday classroom activities. Welcome to an extended episode focusing on AI! Show Notes and Transcript : Sponsor: This is financial literacy month! I recently taught my students about budgets, and they were so grateful! Teach students the things that matter during financial literacy month and beyond! From budgets to banking to credit and savings, choose a topic and use it in your classroom with EVERFI’s free financial literacy lesson plans. Here are some great courses I recommend: EVERFI HS Financial Literacy (high school) FutureSmart / SmartEc

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