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Podcasting on WOW2 tonight - And a podcast about a classroom that is beginning to blog.

Flat Classrooms Everywhere - Post the hyperlink to yours!

How to Win Respect and Influence Students

The book with insight into the best teachers!

Flat Classroom Interview with two judges, Darren Kuropatwa and Terry Freedman

A few things I find interesting

Live School 2.0 Show Tuesday, Jan 23 at 9 pm EST with Will Richardson, Steve Hargadon, Chris Lehman - WOW!

OK, 10th grader, what's your major? and more about this week.

Spies Like Us

Myspace to release the Zephyr: Software allowing parents to monitor their child's myspace

When it is OK to lecture

Participate in this survey of edubloggers and pass along

Sometimes you add to your life by subtraction

WOW2 Tonight at 9pm EST

Starting Well!

Introduction to Web 2 for beginners

iTeach iRecord TheyLearn

The Wikipedia soap opera