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Friday, March 23, 2007

Cool Cat Teacher's Quest for a Cool Site: Come See My New Site!

I took a couple of hours today and FINALLY redid my blog. (If you experience problems with my feed, PLEASE let me know. )

Give me feedback
It is important to me to do a good job. I survey my students (It makes me a better teacher!) each year to see what they liked and didn't like. I want to know what helped them learn. Now, I'm asking you! What do you like? What do you wish I'd tell you more about?

So, I'm asking you to take a small six question survey to help me improve my blogging.

Click here to take survey

In particular, I'm debating on the graphic in my title bar (at the top) that came with this template. Is it too risque for me? Do I need to redesign it? Please give me your feedback.

I am going to share my answers over spring break so that you bloggers can learn from this feedback as well. Meanwhile, I look forward to your feedback and hope you'll take the survey!

How I did it!

I customized a blogger template at one of the free blogger sites and it took some real HTML coding to get just like I wanted it. Unfortunately, you cannot really use Blogger 2 and these templates and you have to understand a little about HTML (particularly TD and TR tags for tables).

Remember, if you do this, notepad is your best friend! Copy and paste your old template into notepad before you ever start!

I also went back to all of the places where I do things online and snagged their newest codes for how to do things!

Some Cool Places for blogger templates:
I know Wordpress and some of the others may look cooler, but it is about being found Google and Blogger are related! (I also discourage changing URL's and blogging platforms, it is like being reborn literally!)

So, help me be better and I'll share more with you later! Been a busy day and I'm ready for a little chair therapy!
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