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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My 9th graders new How to use Office 2007 youtube channel: Computer Country

Welcome to Computer Country! This is the new youtube channel created by my computer fundamentals class to teach the world about Office 2007.

I'm working hard to review and upload the 20+ videos that take you through the basics of this software, we have two videos uploaded to start. Some things are a little blurry and I'm working so hard to make sure the copyrights are OK.

It is difficult. No teacher can be expected to be a copyright researcher. I'm doing my best to double check my students but they get the music from sources that have creative commons share alike non commercial, however, I'm not going back past that level to see if those issuing that license has the right. Copyrights are so convoluted and difficult to handle and teach in a web2 classroom.

So, join us at computer country. If you have a class learning Office 2007, perhaps you could post a video response to some of these videos and/or comments evaluating the videos. It will be a great introduction to this new software because there are not a lot of textbooks that are ready.

I have set up my profile to protect the identity of the students to the best of my ability. I think this is exciting and this project has taken two days of class time. The students came up with the title of their channel and have adopted Psuedonyms and some of them are using voices that they have made up as well.

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