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Thursday, March 08, 2007

A kids ICT conference: Why Not?

I came across this post in my technorati link list today about a kids conference for ICT.

Simon (the author) says:

Flaxmere is having a kids conference, where the children will have opportunity to share some of the things they have been doing this year with the interactive whiteboards, skype, wikis, blogs, digital movie making, etc etc. Not sure who the keynote speakers will be for that, but again you’ll know when I know.
I think this is a great idea. And I think that the kids should be the keynote.

What if we had a conference where kids from around the country from really exciting classrooms could skype in or come in and present about the technologies that really help them learn?

What if the teachers listened and saw what the kids see?

What if we sat back and listened instead of spoke for a change?

I sat back today and watched with some of my students "play" with my new whiteboard. They got so excited but I came up with 1001 new uses for my whiteboard.

Simon says "Let the kids teach!" I agree.
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