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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Great feedback, I hope you'll fill out my survey too!

OK, here is what I'm learning with the surveys that have been completed so far:

1) I'm going to give more contrast to the body of my blog.

(Thanks Christy Tucker for your link the comments to the Juicy Studio Color Contrast Analyzer. Cool tool!

2) I am going to redesign the header, I think.

(But that will be next week.)

3) Many of you are saying you like shorter posts.

I'm considering the merits of researching a topic and breaking them into smaller posts and doing a series. The drawback with this method is that a person who wishes to respond to the entire topic has to link to all three or the latter one. Still thinking on this one.

4) Tell me what you think!

So, Click here to take survey and let me know what you think (sorry, I only have the version that allows 100 responses.)
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