Free Conference May 2nd at Princeton: I'll be there

I'm very excited about the upcoming "Students and Electronic Media: Teaching in the Technological Age" at Princeton on May 2nd on May 2nd. I will be presenting along with some other amazing speakers.

Also, I plan to make an appearance at the free Parent Seminar the night before (May 1 from 7 - 9 pm,) although I have no formal part, I want to see how they handle this and discuss it with parents.

The conference on May 2nd has the following purpose:

" Electronic media has become an integral part of students’ lives and a major point of interest for educators. Questions about the impact of electronic media on student learning and wellbeing have led many school districts to question how and why they should be using technology.

The purpose of this conference is to showcase innovative uses of technology in the classroom and provide school district with ways that they can enhance their classroom curriculums and professional development programs. An overview of the research regarding electronic media and its links to achievement and social development will be provided as well.

This conference is designed in conjunction with the latest journal issue of the Future of Children "Children and Electronic Media". This issue, due to be released in April 2008 shines a spotlight on Electronic Media, focusing mainly on its impact on childhood wellbeing and policy implications."

The agenda includes my friends Kevin Jarrett, and Rob Mancabelli -- and some new friends, I'm sure.

Watch for a Backchannel and ustream between 10:30 and 12:00 EDT on May 2nd -- we're putting together some cool things.

If you are able to get to the area, please register now! (Make sure you say, "hi" -- I love to meet the "real" readers out there.)

Meanwhile, grades are due tomorrow and I've been off all weekend w/ my husband celebrating my b-day coming up this week.

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