Take a look at what has happened in 72 hours.

a cross post at the Advocates for Digital Citizenship, Safety, and Success blog

Since this project is now 72 hours old, I thought we'd give a few stats for what is happening!

  • We have 27 people signed up on the Advocates public list.
  • 16 Readers for our Blog (Feed set up 24 hours a go.)
  • Over 1200 views of the wiki, with 70 edits, and visits from 9 countries and more than 300 unique visitors and 64 members.
  • 74 bookmarks sent to the diigo group with 40 members.
  • 52 members of the Google Group with 24 discussions being tossed around
  • Slowly percolating in the blogosphere with 7 posts so far. We can do better than this, maybe some people are waiting a bit.
  • Lots of tweets beginning to share although I must admit a few of us are hogging the tweets.
  • A logo design and another on the way for us to share and discuss.
  • A set of tags for sharing and facilitating exchange of data and links
  • An aggregation page for all of this (it is my personal launch page to start this.)

Two projects that are gaining steam and volunteers:
  1. I Read Blocked Blogs Awareness Day/Week - as part of the digital access aspect.
  2. A Professional Development Class to train people on the 9 digital citizenship topics -- Still forming. The hosting for the Moodle has been facilitated by the great people at Professional Learning Board.
What I'm seeing is that people are just joining in with what fits best with their daily tasks and vision.

I'd really like to see some people begin talking about creating a flyer or handout on Digital Access, which is the first of the 9 aspects of Digital Citizenship as we have outlined on the wiki.

What can you do?
Well, we're really trying to compile things now. I need a little help on the wiki for someone who understands RSS and also, we need some people to start putting thumbs up on the links coming through diigo so they'll start having more meaning. (Our way of "vetting" the sources.)

Will you take 5 minutes and go through some of the links and add your thumbs up -- if you see an important link missing, please send it to the group AND use the tagging standard we've set up, in addition to any other tags you wish to add!

Thank you for caring. This will probably be my last full cross-post on Cool Cat Teacher, if you want to follow this effort closely, please subscribe to the Ad4dcss group blog.

Beware of numbers
I'd rather have 1 committed person than 100 people just putting their names down, and that is what we've got. We've got some amazing, hard working, very BUSY people who don't have a lot of time, just bookmarking a little smarter and tweeting and talking towards a common purpose.

The Cat on the Hot Stove
Some, I think have the cat on the hot stove syndrome.

If a cat sits on a hot stove, he jumps up. The only problem is that he will not ever sit on the stove again... not even a cold one.

I think that so many of us have gotten involved in something just to see it peter out. Just to see it go "poof." So, we don't want to get all involved and invested in another "poof project." We just won't sit on the stove!

Well, if I'm trying again, so can you. I've jumped headlong into thing that went "poof" before too, however, I will say this... every time I have, I've come away with more learning and meeting new people. Even the "poof" projects haven't been to waste.

However, I'm going to predict something. I believe that there are going to be some newcomers on this project who are going to become well known very fast because of their amazing efforts. I'm already seeing it.

If you're a beginner and you don't know where to start... our virtual volunteerism and cooperative efforts as educators are just now getting started. Join in where you see fit. And if you really want to be "in the know" sign up for the Google group and get our daily digest.

On my to do list is to e-mail some amazing bloggers that I know. I've really been waiting until we have all of our wiki edited, feeds coming in and people's names on the list and going so that when we approach the disillusioned who've been doing this a lot longer than I, that they'll know that there is something here.

Teaching is a noble calling and this is a noble cause. This is a connecting point. A facilitation and linking in a common cause to help us. This is grassroots organizing. We want to see you as a part of it!

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