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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Links for the Day 04/06/2008

mogopop | Education Mogopop videos

tags: edu_newapp, hz08, hzmeta, video, mobile, connectingpeople, education, science

Educational Videos Available on MogoPop -- these are video tutorials for you ipod.

mogopop | How to use Mogopop

tags: hz08, hzmeta, connectingpeople, ubiquitousplatform, usercontent, video, education, edu_trends, edu_newapp, technology

This lets you create an account to make ipod tutorials. This is free and there are several educational videos already there including this mogo on how to use mogo from the 18th ITSC 07 (Innovative Technology Schools Conference).

Education is moving to ipods and cell phones -- it is the next major progression. Perhaps 1:1 ipod projects are next?

TimeAndSpace on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

tags: hz08, hzmeta, connectingpeople, usercontent, virtualcollab, education

I likethis graphic from Darren about the traditional classroom. I would tweak it a bit but wanted to preserve this, particularly for the students examining the impact of connecting people and usercontent on the classroom with the horizon project.

Talkback on School Library Journal  Annotated

tags: hz08, hzmeta, education, librarian, edu_news, humanmachine, arts_entertainment

Envisioning microsoft surface application in libraries -- I think that there are exciting opportunities here -- we'll have smart tables instead of computers -- every flat surface being its own computing device as computers merge with everything around us.

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