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Friday, July 04, 2008

NECC Wiki Workshop

I love the blog post from Laurie Fowler about the Wiki workshop last week at NECC.

Laurie says:

"This workshop really opened my eyes to the collaboration that the web 2.0 tools can encourage. And it reminded me, too, that it is about the content and the collaboration, NOT about the tools. The relationships we encourage students to make with one another and students around the globe are much more important than which tools they choose to communicate that message"

We had fourteen in the workshop in person and about 7 participants from around the world.  Our goal was for the participants to experience a flat classroom and, it worked!

Julie and I will be offering an extended version of this course this upcoming week in St. Louis and are talking about doing another extended workshop next year in Australia if we can find a venue and enough participants to make it happen.

We will have a very small number of openings this upcoming Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday.  First tweet, first to go on the list. (just direct message or e-mail me.)  Just remember that top priority goes to those who are there in person, although, I think it is a meaningful experience for everyone.

I think what I love most was this comment:

"And at the end when NECC folks were coming up and giving their reflection on video, I saw Kim Vance from Cincinnati come up and talk and I realized that she is in my Influencer Online Book group that we are doing with Scott McLeod from CASTLE in Iowa. What a small world!"

Here are the ustream reflections from participants:

Live .TV show provided by Ustream

We still have some room in the workshop next Tuesday and Wednesday, July 8, 9 in St. Louis.  Join us!

NECC Wiki Workshop
Here are the snippets of the ustream of the Wiki Workshop.  (It is a long workshop, but you can forward it and get some out of it if you wish.)

Broadcast by Ustream.TV

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