A Second Look at Second Life Filmmaking

I had to delve into the brief post from Ewan today about Second Life Filmmaking.  I was intrigued by his first sentence:

"I found the Steampunk movie below, from Alice, as beautiful and enchanting as many of the 'real' movies I've seen recently"
Here's the film he shared:

After defining the word steampunk, (ok, I'm sure it was back in some dusty neurons somewhere), I was totally floored that this number was indeed filmed in Second Life.

As I'm embarking upon a Second Life island of our own this fall (and honestly, have no clue as to how it will work out, just that I have some really smart friends to call upon,) I'm amazed at what these worlds let us do.

It would take days of animation which would still pretty much leave this quality of filmmaking unreachable at the K12 level and yet with some screen capture software like Camtasia, we can indeed do some amazing things.

The idea of machinima is really just now beginning to take hold in the minds of educators and yet, the more I think about it the more I think it can have great value to us in many more ways than creative writing.

After spending some cursory time looking for information on this topic, I was amazed at  Diane Carr's excellent overview of the research and activities in this topic in her Machinima in Education article on the Future Lab website.  I'm going to spend some time reading the resources and information there.

Third person is such a valuable role for students to play as it releases them from the peer pressure of "looking dumb" when they act in front of a room of people.  This is on my hot list to investigate for the fall.

What are the best practices when capturing machinima?  Maybe you have some links to share.

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