Over the next days of break, we've scheduled student reflections on the Digiteen Dream Team and the protest of Google lively shutting down to post on the Dream Team Blog.

As part of their reflection, I asked the students to tell me if the protest was worth it since Lively is still shutting down and Google hasn't responded to their requests.

Today's reflective post from Krysten, says it so well:

"I feel that our efforts were worth all the trouble we went through. We had people say mean things about us but we kept going. I learned to not let other people's opinions keep me from doing what is right. Some people think that we should not teach others about digital citizenship because they think it can be taught in twenty minutes and that it wont help. But the fact is that more and more people are using the internet and if they dont know how to use it properly, it could be dangerous."

My goodness, such wisdom for life and for so many things.   Hope you'll continue to respond to the students and their thoughts.

There are so many other digiteen dreamers out there who need to be unleashed to share their passions with the world.  It is not too late to share the message about Google Lively.  It is a great world and it is a shame that it is going away.  I wish Google knew that and would listen to those who've taken the time to compare the worlds.

It took 1 day to have my students creating worlds, working with avatars and creating content.  We're struggling w/ OpenSim and will learn it, just don't know that I have the time.

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