See the protest and the students talk about Google Lively, 3D worlds in education and Digital citizenship

If you watch this, you'll see students who are expressing themselves in meaningful ways about the future of education and technology.  They fielded tough questions from the ustream as well after the 20 minute protest.

Yes, the lively room got a little slow and it wasn't perfect.  This was our first public room and when we went public, someone went in and deleted all of the work because the creator had forgotten to lock the room.  But they proceeded to put it back together.  They've learned a lot.

This is the video recording of the protest (you'll need to forward about 5 minutes to when the protest begins.)  AT the end the students speak out and share their message about the benefits of Google Lively and virtual worlds and fielded some great questions from the ustream.

The protest audio file is available here. 

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